ACV Bande just.

Дорогие разработчики Rust меня взломали на 4 дня я не мог играть и когда я наконец узнал пароль,я не мог войти не на какой либо сервер, и пишет, VAC Banned прошу вас исправить это.

(User was banned for this post ("Use English." - Swebonny))


You will have to buy a new copy of rust on a new account.

VAC has detected your cheats and has banned your account from connecting to VAC Secured Servers

So basically you cheated, got banned and then have the audacity to ask for some miracle worker to get you unbanned. Learn from your actions rather than expecting things to be fixed because you were incapable of considering the consequences.

Me hacked!

Me hack you
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Long time

PM Postal for a Free Unbanning!

I don’t know English therefore so not correctly and write.