(AD) Multiplay:: [420] Seattle - Vanilla - Zero Hacker Tolerance

New Server! Just opened recently!


Airdrop set at minimum 12 players to activate!
Vanilla (no mods!)
Standard loot table and no restrictions to craftable items
Sleepers active!
DDOS Prevention!
Cheatpunch go
Friendly population
No wipes (unless forced by a major update)
Server up is 99% of the time
No admin abuse

Active Admins that check for suspicious activity (aimbot, speedhack, etc). Zero tolerance for hackers!




No problem

Still have room for plenty of peeps!

Still looking for players to occupy!

Airdrops are set to start at 12/200 players.

12 people airdrops!

Now to set to 10 people!

Come join us

Still looking for people to populate the server!


We have a decent healthy population, but need more people!