(AD) [NY] NEW 1/17 - Rusty Tears - Great Conceptual Server - Uncraftable Military - Limited C4 - PvP/Sleepers - DoorShare - Helpful Admins - More

F1 then net.connect

This server is pretty heavily modded with active admins who are experienced programmers dedicated to fostering their own version of Rust and emergent gameplay.

For instance let me start with the loot tables which have been heavily altered to make the M4 exceptionally rare, also increasing the rarity of MP5’s and shotguns, while making pistols slightly more common. The only craftable guns are the revolver, pipe shotgun, hand cannon, and bolt action; though the latter is very hard to find. I and the other admins just don’t find it plausible that the modern military weapons are craftable with the tools at hand. Kevlar is uncraftable and exceptionally rare. There are no blueprints since the only ones in the game are for the guns and kevlar, (aside from large wood crate). C4 is extremely rare.

Since you won’t be using that metal to craft guns, that will free up a lot of low quality metal to be used for metal buildings.

Additionally, since zombies and rad towns are the only ways to get guns, expect to find a lot of conflict in these zones as times goes by.

We also have door sharing, an admin help channel (/adminhelp), admins who don’t play, don’t gossip or engage in cliquish behavior, and are there to help newbies, answer questions about the game, and to ban hackers and cheaters. Also they are actively developing scripts to enhance the server.

Did I mention players with unpronouncable smurf names, blank names, and smurf accounts get kicked automatically and their steamids flagged for the admins to pay attention to if they return with regular names?

There are other tweaks such as .75 speed craft. You may notice nudity on by default thanks to this admin’s twisted mind :slight_smile:

The admins are dedicated to fostering an atmosphere of emergent gameplay, not interfering with it.

Again, if you need help you can directly petition an admin by typing:

/adminhelp <message>

F1 then net.connect

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This server has an awesome ruleset and great admins.

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I’ve been playing this server and I think I found a new home :slight_smile:

Have there been any airdrops yet?

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No not yet - but will be in the next few minutes as they were turned on at 10 players! There is very limited C4 and no explosives yet so C4 will not be craftable. Also there are some additional types of drops added and more stuff.

Got the drop muahaha

The players are loving the drops, just added private messaging and chat history.

Ty for all the fun so far!