(AD) Rust Island Triads | Fresh Wipe 02-25 | | PVE Village-Safe Zone | PVP Clans-Factions-Solo's welcome! | Slow progression | Rare military & C4 | Durability off!


Had to move our group page. I’ll get the new link posted here after work today.

We’re off and running. About ten people have set up shop so far. Should be a big night tonight!


Still plenty of time to get started…:dance:

Great first day! 30+ players checked out the server and we had a 8+ player pop through peak hours last night. No where to go but up!

Community webpage is up! Please join when you join the server.

Have been 5+ during non-peak hours, not bad for the first day since launch.

Bring you clan! Start a war with us.

Unless you’re scared…


First mission completed!

Check our info out at GameTracker

Climbing the ranks on Game Tracker. In two days we’re already in the top half of all servers, official and modded. Can’t wait to see where we’re at after the weekend!

I’ll be live streaming nightly during the weekend. Come great up for your five minutes of YouTube fame. I’ll post the link when it’s up.


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14 people on atm, lets see if we can top 20 again today!


Server pop voted for fresh wipe. Come start fresh with us!