(AD)Rust++Wiped 1/22(DoseofDopeness)Noob friendly/PvP/Sleepers/Doorshare (instacraft, active admins, starterkits) Teleports for new players!

about: Decided to get our own server because the admins on our old one were as abusive as it gets.
location: Seattle, Washington
donations: We do not accept donations. This server is run purely for the sake of having a safe place for people to play where they don’t need to fear admin abuse or hackers.
PvP is on.
Super beginner friendly especially since we literally started this server yesterday.
Currently not seeking admins as we already have enough to maintain 24/7 watch of the server.
Instacraft is on
Server is 100 slots.
The admin’s names are Kaydonian and Jesse the Giant Slayer
sleepers: Sleepers are enabled.
Airdrops happen at 40+ players online
server-launched: Server was launched YESTERDAY, it is BRAND NEW, come get started while everyone else is getting started!
Server runs on the latest Rust++
Check it out! Press F1 and type net.connect

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Bumpin, have 20+ players getting started already come check it out


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Already got a bunch of people, check it out

up to 30 LETS GO PEOPLE!

Doing arena 1v1’s mad fun join up