(AD)[US-NY]Sleepers/PvP/Fresh Update andWipe 2-25/Events Daily

Server IP:


Recruiting more admins:

-Don’t log in the server and simply ask "Can I be an admin?"
-Must be 18+
-Must go through an interview process through Steam/Skype, anything.
-Must be trustworthy, which is what the interview is for.

I hold all rights to terminate any admins that are found to be abusing their powers with no questions asked

Server Info:
-Sleepers Enabled
-Pvp Enabled
-Airdrops at 5 players until server gets more popular
-Active/Friendly Admins
-No Admin Abuse, I won’t tolerate it.
-50 slots
-NO Server Lag
-Noob Friendly
-Hackers/Cheaters are dealt with swiftly
-Teleport Requests
-Server Wiped 2/25
-Fresh 2/25 Update

-No Admins Will Spawn You Items
-No Hacking


New Event Added: Dangerous Radiation This event drops Airdrops in Small Rad Town. Players can either go in there with guns blazing and fight for the drops or try to sneak in without other players notice and get away with the loot.

Durability is now on.