(AD)[US West] Cougor (Oxide/No Abuse/Custom Loot Table/PVP)NEW 1/17

Hey everybody! We just finished all of the properties of our brand new server and we are ready for launch! We have turned off Explosive Charge crafting because we don’t want players to be able to craft insane amounts of c4 and raid everybody on the map. We want to create an environment where you have to be frugal and calculating with your C4. We have also decreased the M4 drop rate and increased the Bolt Action Rifle drop rate because the bolt action is a lot more of a skill based weapon than the M4. We will not tolerate admin abuse or hackers. The admins are very active and helpful. Oxide mods are on so this includes door sharing, private messaging, etc. Aidrops will start at 30+ players while the server is populating. We don’t want to have an unfair advantage to those that start this server brand new. On the flipside if your looking to get a strong foothold on a great server now is the time to join! Please add me on steam if you have any questions (Roflcopterlol).
Sleepers/PVP On
3/4 Craft
Non Craftable C4
Very Low M4 drop rate
Increased C4 drop rate
Absolutely NO Admin Abuse
0 Cheating tolerance


Hey guys! Been playin on this server since launch and it’s pretty sick. The rules make it really fair and competitive, come play with us!

Awesome server! Cool community so far and great loot table! Would recommend!