Ada Wong And Jill Valentine

Hi there Guys can Someone make Ada Wong and Jill Valentine Models For Garrys Mod (the one with the AWESOME New Physic Thing ) To make em ragdolls and if its Possible To make The hair of the two Models Move That will be EPIC :stuck_out_tongue:
if someone want I will make the Models i have Jills Models i have Adas One so yea if Someone want to i will Upload them and give Em to yea so you can make Them in Gmod :3

I hope someone will at least Try and make em i really want These two SEXY bishes to be in Gmod with Moving hairs and Other Stuff xD

Already made.

Look around.

well i didnt find any that is why im asking xD and if there was any The Models will Be ALD stile I have Better Head For Ada and Jills Body and Other Things :3 so yea

try using the search function on bro
those arent on garrys mod org so ill post a link

OMG YOU MADE THESE AWESOME can you Make Ada Wong i have Her Model For 3d max it have all the TExtures and I made Her head From the Cutscenes and He hands are From the Dark side Chronicles
Please i will give you the Model and Will you make Her a Ragdoll Please :3

Actually there´s a model of Ada Wong, made it from mariokart64n, but she doesn´t have face, eye and finger posing, but how do you make a model of her at 3D Max, why don´t you show to us the model? It would be cool at the same time, we would see the future ragdoll soon before. Also, if someone can remake Ashley from RE4, she has the same defects that Ada from mariokart64n, no face, eye and finger posing

well Ok Here is The Model :3 i Kind Used Her GC Model Her GC Head and Hair and Her HANDS are From The Re Dark Side Chronicles :3

The Alphas is Like that Because its In 3d max xD and i dont Know how to make The White Invisible D:
here is a Full Body ;3

is the ada model done? it’s just i can’t wait!!Dx

Yes you can. And so, you will.

Looks good! I was wondering if someone was still working on that Ada model? I’m currently working on a comic-book project with Gmod based on the universe and characters of Resident Evil (working title: Resident Evil Revisited/REvisited). The idea behind it is to tell the story of Raccoon City differently, but I would like to capture the same atmosphere as Resident Evil 2… I’ve found many RE-related models on the web, that’s one of the reasons why I began to work on this stuff, and I was planning to use Ada because she’s an interesting character on many aspects. But so far I haven’t found any Ada ragdoll, except for her model from RE4 without face or finger poser… Anyway, her RE4 outfit is not the one I’m looking for!

So basically here’s the question: any plans for an Ada Wong ragdoll? I wish I could do this myself, but I don’t have any skills when it comes to this kind of stuff :frowning: I’m more into storytelling…
I’ve found .obj and .tga files for this model posted by plasmid, but I really don’t know if there’s anything to do with these…

Thanks in advance for any reply! And please don’t be too harsh, it’s my very first post in there :wink: