Ada Wong In A Zombie Mansion

Celebrating a working SDof With Ada Wong. Took some editing. Ada has no finger or face pose.
Had to smooth out a lot of things.

I wish I had broken SDOF so I feel as great as you people :saddowns:
I love it, shame for no finger or facepose, though she is wearing more clothing than your usual poses, so that’s an unusual thing from you.


you sent me this when i wsa sucking dick
i like this picture.

I am glad you took time from the dick sucking to view it.
You are most kind:sun:


And yes, FrEeKy ThInG have a heart for your attention. :wink:


Nice job, wish my super DOF worked though.

What I did was to make sure multicore rendering was off. Then I turned on motion blur, made a test render with SDof.
Nothing crashed, then turned off motion blur and rendered again. From then on SDof have worked. May not work for you though, but it is worth a try.

Hot tub with a lady! thanks Rastifan!

where can i get that Ada Wong model