Ada Wong Undercover

No this is not a sex pose. This was really hard work. Those of you who know the model will know what I mean.

I can assume that you were working very hard on this one.



I’m starting to like breezy days. :smiley:

I got an erection.


Ready to lock and load eh!

I got a semi.

Think you can reupload to uppix? i don’t want to wait til I get home to see the images, but if you do, don’t feel like I am forcing you to.

Undercover indeed.

Thanks for the comments all. Was not as bad as I thought it would be:toot:

This started as a challenge. Dude told me. “It can’t be done. Her dress is attached to her leg”… Yea well screw you and watch me.

And thus. Pantie less Ada:black101:

So how did you do it?

Upper half is obviously Ada. Lower half is a nude model called LisaNude.
Then “No collide multi”, painstaking posing, Photoshop, Gimp. Four layers, skin tone correction for match and viola. Profit.

Huh. I’l have to try that sometime, once I’ve gotten more practice.

Yeeah, this is really hard ̶o̶n̶ work