Adam The Clown

How about Adam the Clown from Dead Rising? His chainsaws were just released.

DR1 porting isn’t possible. You could get him from the Wii version, but it would look like shit. Those chainsaws that were released were a custom model.

Isn’t there a Frank West floating around here? Where did he come from?

I think that’s a Nick skin.

No, it was definetley a model of Frank West, I remember seeing a few poses with it. Can’t find the release thread for it, though, it came with Chuck Greene from DR2, I remember.

EDIT: Found a troll post with the Frank West model used in it. He’s been faceposed to hell, but it’s definetley him.

The head was hacked from the Wii version, got enhanced textures, and the body is just a really good Nick reskin.

If I remember correctly.

Dang. Adam would be really cool. I cant seem to find a good clown model. First the dead rising clown now Adam. :frowning:

that clown is perfect to scare those annoying kids from gmod xD

Well, For the frank model, im pretty sure it is realy just a head hack. but i cant get it to work lol so i have no say in this

Actually I beleive it was ported from Lost Planet 1 as Frank makes a cameo appearance.

Bloocobalt knows if im wrong.