Adcanved Duplicator + Advanced Prop Spawner Conflict?

I realize I may be asking a small number of people, but I have a question for anyone using both of these additions. Let’s say I build a contraption with advanced prop spawners welded onto it, and then I advanced duplicate it in order to hang on to it for a later date. When I load a new map, and paste my creation into that server, I find that any of the spawned items created from the welded advanced prop spawners go right ahead and no-collide with just about everything but the ground. Any sort of refilling/restocking purpose I use them for becomes utterly useless when they just pass through anything that might be intended to hold them. I’ve tooled around with the adv. prop spawner’s built-in options with no luck.

Any ideas?

As far as I know, no duplicators can properly take prop spanwers. Haven’t tried with Adv_Dupe2 though.

I see, well up until now I was unaware of Adv_dupe2. Guess I’ll give it a shot - thanks.

You can find it in the Mods and Addons section.