Add a basic anticheat guys.

While I realize this game is in Alpha, You’d expect to have some sort of rudimentary packet checking (check if someone’s moving too fast maybe?) / anticheat. Even WarZ had this basic feature (soon cracked lol). Either way, great job on the game, even in this alpha stage it’s much better than WarZ!


Why are you hacking the game so hard? My kill log shows we killed you about 20 times when you were speedhacking into our camp. You’re not even good at it.

We know you can cheat. Yes it’s a “bug”. Stop exploiting it.

Yet you hack all the time? :V

Hackers can also switch names, it’s happened to my friend and I. I literally saw two of my friends characters, one killed me (he was most definitely friendly) . A clone hack, idk?

Creating anti cheats is major task and do not see it happening unless these guys know machine code, which I doubt most here have never even heard of it. They are using a already programed source engine unity and just adding and modifying scripts.