Add a functioning custom spraypaint

in gmod there is the multiplayer spraypaint where you can choose a png or jpg, but i never really experienced it working, plus its seemingly only for multiplayer.
id like if you added a way to use a custom picture as a decal in both multiplayer and singeplayer.

Custom sprays would be really cool in some gamemodes, like DarkRP or similar for posters to join their group on server or something else like this, or just for posting memes on walls

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or gif sprays :smiley:

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Also there should be option to disable sprays client side or server-wide, because someone wouldn’t like to see sprays.
Also having ability to have more than one spray to choose would be really cool! With it should come spray-wheel with ability to modify it in addon.
Here is what I come up with (this in the middle is mouse; you could just hover on spray you want and un-press
spray wheel button and it would spray or press number on keyboard):

and something like taunt menu in TF2:


If something like this were to be created by FP, it would probably be implemented in file or two of code included with S&Box. Then developers could just reference that code in their own code to include it in their games/servers, however they see fit. Game-wide mechanics like sprays will probably be a thing of the past, since the goal for S&Box seems to be making creation as flexible as possible.


S&box could have a folder of custom content that the client notifies the server of, and the server could decide whether or not to download on a file-by-file basis. Then the files would be sent to all of the other clients like Source 1 does for sprays, but for anything such as short sound files.

Of course there should be a file size limit overall(configurable), and image files should be prioritized. Some servers may have custom content disabled for new/untrusted clients to prevent abuse.

So any new ideas like this could be implemented by programmers for any server that wants to take advantage of it, but not servers where it doesn’t really matter.

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I don’t think this is something we need on release and/or for the devs to bother making
The spray system was more of a side-effect of Gmod being made on the same engine as HL2 deathmatch.


The spray system would be frivolous function. Although people used it in GMod it had no uses really. Community developers of S&Box can just make it instead of laying the burden on S&Box developers.


Personally I disagree with the idea that this is something frivolous or is not worth the bother to make. A lower priority, though? Sure.

The creativity that it allowed wasn’t taken advantage of by everyone, but I’ve got good memories of being in a community with a number of people that made their own sprays. Clever use of animated, fading, and contextually relevant sprays are always nice to see for me on any server.

Regardless, it is a staple of Source games and it’d be sad to see it not come standard on every server(unless disabled) anymore. Modders could do it if content streaming is allowed, but I’ll miss being able to just have them work anywhere right away.


Can’t see that getting abused.

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Yes, frivolous was bad wording, I full-heartedly agree with your statement. I would like to see sprays added, but that goes for many other add-ons as well. I do believe it should be low-priority as you also stated, thank you for correcting me.


I think that for sprays(a feature that has always been in source multiplayer games) to work as well, S&box should have a standardized way of getting and delivering that player-made content though.

I don’t even know if sprays are still in Source 2’s code or not. It likely is still a feature, and if so then please don’t remove it is all I politely ask of the devs. Otherwise it would be a step backwards and not an improvement.

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