Add a public pumpjack to hapis island.

I play on hapis island because I like it a lot more then the procedural maps. But the only bad thing about hapis island are the monuments, or for that matter the lack of monuments, so therefore I suggest:

  1. Adding a public pumpjack like the procedural maps have.
  2. Removing the road monument and replacing it with an actual monument with buildings that actually spawn loot.
  3. Maybe even add research tables and repair benches to some of the monuments, I think they made a great addition to the procedural maps.
  4. Adding an extra monument or two would make the map a lot better, currently there are only 3 main monuments that spawn loot, compared to the 7+ on procedural maps, and default sized procedural maps are far smaller then hapis island.

After playing on hapis island as my main server/map for almost 6 months straight now these are the only things that bother me about the map in anyway, so I thought I would make a few suggestions on how you could make it a lot better.

Yeah I only play on hapis because I run it better and I agree. It is nice to have new monuments but the addition of a public pump jack like you said would be a good addition. It would also be nice to have more monuments, specifically the dome.

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Imagine the dome being on that island that used to be near the airfield, surrounded in water