Add addons from workshop to the server

Hello i’ve bought a server at Vilayer with 8 slots and i want to add addons from the workshop.
So i’ve tried these ways :
But don’t seems to works.

Thanks for the help.

The first link is the official Garry’s Mod wiki. It does work, but you need to follow the instructions carefully. Make sure you enter the correct collection ID and API/Auth key, check the numbers twice to make sure

All is right …

What problem are you having, are the workshop addons just not appearing on the server?

The server don’t download anything he just start like there was no workshop …

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Here the console :
<time> - Players can only chat every x seconds (anti-spam). 0 to disable.
CVAR generated by ULX
Client “Psycho-Nexus” connected (
Fetching Workshop Addons… No -authkey (There is an authkey)
Adding Filesystem Addon ‘d: cafiles\users\donovand\11403\garrysmod\addons\ulib’
Adding Filesystem Addon ‘d: cafiles\users\donovand\11403\garrysmod\addons\ulx’
Failed to load keyvalues file cfg/mount.cfg!
‘valve.rc’ not present; not executing.
Network: IP, mode MP, dedicated Yes, ports 27045 SV / 27005 CL