Add AI to a Ragdoll? (Big-Daddy)

On You can download a Ragdoll of the “Bouncer” big Daddy from Bioshock.

Now,I’d (try to) code this myself, but I can’t find where/how to run the Lua or even where to get one.

So, in summary can someone please add some AI to this Ragdoll (The Antlion Guard is pretty much the Bouncer, just have to change the headbutt to the Drill and make the legs move).

(To find said file, go to the website and search for “Bioshock” or anything of the like)

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems you signed up just ot make this request, On another note, this would require…

  1. A modeller
  2. An animator
  3. Alot Of Time
  4. Lua NPC Coder

The one thing that stops a lua scripter to do this for you is the model most probably doesn’t have any animations. So yeah you would need a modeller to make it.

As you probably guessed I’m fairly new to .lua, so thanks for informing me of that.

On the note of signing up for a request, the only reason I did that was because of the simple fact that Facepunch seems to be the only website where mods get made with more than one person. And I never never encountered another website where signing up for requests is viewed as negative.