Add an extra invetory slot for wearable equipment

Currently I have the best possible defence bonus from my equipment, sadly I have to run around barefooted. Would it be possible to add an extra slot so that gloves and boots can be used in conjunction with each other when wearing max bonus gear. It doesn’t really make sense to limit how many slots you can wear if your not wearing boots you should be able to fit them on to your feet regardless.

i would have set slots for each area of the body, and a few miscellaneous ones for armour etc.

I would like to see some of our new old clothings starting to get stats.

I Agree. I’ve posted the same thing. one more slot so I can wear boots and gloves

What is the purpose of gloves anyway?

If the clothing types stay the same as they are now (with undershirt and chest armor being two different slots) then I agree. It sucks having to choose between gloves and boots for the final item.

Hands take hits about the same as faces.

Glad to see I’m not the only one.

We should just be able to drag the clothes onto our avatar in the inventory menu rather than having a slot for it.

why do you need boots…? just pick one or the other. i don’t get shot in the feet, so i just use gloves. but now if i get hit in the feet, im at a disadvantage from the guy using boots.

I was only just thinking this myself today

If you have nothing on your feet, then you should be able to put something on your feet - it really isn’t that hard of a concept to grasp.

technically this would be an “invisible” slot system, but yeah, it would be cool:)

Couldn’t agree more, as long as all the clothes you have on can be worn at the same time there should no limit to the number of clothes you can wear. It’s not like in real life if you decide to wear a hat that day you have to take off your shoes because you can only wear 6 things at once.

And please add stats to many clothes that are useless.

Like the beanie, how the hell does a metal plate covering your face protect you from the cold a little, but a beanie literally doesn’t provide any protection from cold? Logic…

I only wear clothes when I’m raiding or being raided, and I seldom raid others (I play the game mainly for the building aspect).

When I am out harvesting, I go nekkid … not because of other players, because of the damned bears that take a full clip to kill and then I’ve alerted everyone within a half a mile of me, I’m there.

So I just go nekkid and take my chances.

Myrothas, are you this negative in real life? You must be a joy to be around.

A reoccurring argument is that the gloves protect your hand & arm region (therefore center of the body), which is more likely to get hit than your feet during gunfight. On the contrary, wearing boots will save you from snap traps more so than being barefoot.