Add Bodygroups to a Model [Garrys'Mod]

Let’s give an example.

I have a citizen ragdoll, and I want to add a bodygroup to it, so she/he is wearing different shirt or maybe even a vest.

How would I go about this? (I’m not talking about skins, those are just for textures.)

I’m not trying to make a new model, just add a vest to the (let’s say 2nd bodygroup)

Well technically you are talking about making a new model, just one that has everything the old model had and then some.

I’m not going to go too in depth but this is a rough guideline. I’d suggest reading up at the valve developer community/google if you don’t know these terms.

You’ll need to
-decompile the existing model
-load up the existing components into a modeling program (blender/max/maya/milkshape/etc)
-fit and rig the new components onto the existing model (alternatively, if the new components are on the same skeleton, just fit the mesh)
-split the model into groups and export each group separately, each with the full skeleton but as multiple .smd files (such as a ‘head.smd’, ‘shirtA.smd’, ‘shirtB.smd’, ‘pants.smd’, etc)
-you’ll need to modify the decompiled .qc toa account for the new smds and set up your bodygroups, the vdc has a good article on this.

then you should have a model with bodygroups. If that doesn’t sound too bad, then get reading, if it does, you might want to hire/beg someone who does this already.

No, no. I know that you have to open up the .mdl.

The think is, it’s not seperate models, it’s just one.

Maybe you have to open the .mdl and there is some sort of group.

Thanks, I’ll post back.

You have to decompile a model to add body groups.
Then you recompile the model with body groups.

There are plenty of tutorials and tools out there for decompiling models, just do a google search.