Add bodygroups to the spawn menu.

Many people know that certain TF2 props contain “bodygroups”, that allow for slightly changed versions of a model without using a different model. A good example is that in one of the Soldier’s body groups, it has him without his helmet, and another one with it. Currently the only way to change body groups in Garrysmod is with console commands. My idea is to add this feature to the spawn menu, like the way it handles different skins.

good idea!
i totaly agree!
it would make posing more fun and open up many parodies on youtube

I can see this working with a right-click menu opening a list of skins and bodygroups.

An issue with this is that you would have props that have multiple skins and multiple body groups, resulting in spawn lists being spammed with so many more icons than you need/want.

Rightclick Cascade Menus.