Add: Bow modifications, high-technology Bows

It would be so cool if there were different bow mods like laser sight or scope mod, also while in game we can create hi tech guns and explosives, it should be the same for the bow. Someone should be able to research and craft improved and up to date bows and arrows!

Explosiv arrow !:dance:

Yeah that would owesome but at the same time OP:p

And Crossbows

And my suggestion to up the backpack amount of arrows per stack. All other ammo stacks to 250 but arrows 10 per slot. Anyone see anything wrong with this? Make it at least 25 per stack so I don’t have to run around with a bag half full of arrows. Which is the only reason I don’t use a bow anymore.

yeah lets add tanks next and laser guided missiles…this isnt a call of duty wilderness edition guys.

You do realize that u start the game holding a rock and end up with full kevlar armor,an m4 with grenades and explosives, right? So for you adding crossbow or bows and mods makes it COD? I would just say that you are an m4-shotgun guy and you would never accept the defeat of someone holding a bow

IF they do make explosive arrows, it should just be an arrow with a grenade wrapped on it with cloth. The grenade will make the arrow fall faster, and the explosive radius will be slightly larger than a normal grenade. It would fit the game and add a little more boom to the bow.

as its already said they are taking out high tech items such as the m4 and mp5.

this isn’t a dayz clone. right now their just place holders for us to work with.

that wud be nice a arrow cloth and grenade

I think a higher tier bow would be a nice replacement for the m4/mp5. Given that bows are far more practical to make than military grade weaponry. Would make more sense imo.

I think it would be more fun with only the lowtech/makeshift weapons. I have a server that I got to test stuff with and I might try a low tech only setup.

1 Arrow, 1 grenade, and 1 piece of cloth is the perfect amount of requirements needed. Also since it is wrapped onto it, an animation would be created that shows the players hand pulling the pin on the grenade and then doing the normal arrow shooting animation. There would be a 2.5% chance that the grenade will blow up before the player even shoots it, adding a little bit of balancing.


or you could look on their trello and see that they plan for this

So… I would like you to justify to me “Bow Improvement”. I am really curious to read your answer.
Please do ur troll magics in any other forum than this

Just an ironsight on the bow would be nice

Or the ability to actually sight down the arrow like you would in reality

I think that would be a bit to Overpowered for pvp. Though i would also like to see some bow upgrades, and a crossbow.

If its my version of an explosive arrow, then it would be perfectly balanced.

Would it have an area of effect or will it only hurt the person that is hit by it?