Add cars to my server

I’m not sure if I posted this topic in the correct sub-forum.

I downloaded “Sickness Vehicles + fix” from (
I’m hosting my server offline because I’m making my own gamemode with LUA.
How can I put these in my server?

I put these:


But I can’t see them in my GMod menu! Do I have to add a code in my gamemode?

Thanks in advance,

Putting them in your gamemode and putting them in your server are two different things. If you want them in your server put them in the server’s addons file. If you want them in your gamemode then I have no idea how to do that.

I want to spawn one of those cars with LUA. So I’ve to add them in my server’s addons file?
But how could I spawn a car with LUA? (I think this is the wrong sub-forum to ask that?

Yes you might want to try the gamemodes form.

Thank you! I made a new topic with a specific question. (

Put them in your server
clients need to already have them in their gmod folder locally, which means you have to put them in YOUR gmod folder, becasue the pack is so big in filesize