Add crit chance to tools and a "lone wolf buff" in Rust (Suggestion)

So i know that Rust is getting some rpg elements (Gathering, XP gain, etc…), but i have two ideas…

What if crafted tools had crit chance? Not chance to crit against other players but crit against trees or rocks? This sounds insane but hear me out. Lets say your starter rock has a 10% crit chance with a crit multiplier or x.5, 10% of the time you’ll get a slight boost to resource gain. (ex: A crit with the starting rock would provide 15 wood @ .5 crit multiplier on a vanilla server) The stone axe 15% crit, metal axe 20% crit and salvaged axe 25% crit chance (because no one uses the salvaged axe).

Now this is where my “Lone Wolf” buff comes into play…

The lone wolf buff slowly raises tools’ crit multiplier up to a maximum of 1.5. But this only increases while solo. Lets say it takes 30 mins of solo play for the crit multiplier to get to 1.5 from .5
Ideally, the crit multiplier would pause climbing when around other players and gradually drop back down to .5 when grouping with other players. Considering that gathering involves avoiding other people and gathering quickly, i think its do-able.

This would be a small step in terms of closing the gap for solo and group players and would make starting out faster for everyone.

How would they regulate, or decipher rather, who is a lone wolf and who is a part of a giant clan?

The game would have to keep track of server side data like time spent near other players, incorporate how quickly combat was initiated (if at all) once another nearby player is targeted. It wouldnt be hard for the game to collect data that indicates a certain play style and deduce if its a solo player or not. Even something like logging out around other players could be taken into account (someting thats hard to avoid in large clans).

Its designed to offer more short term risk reward with solo gathering. Its much more dangerous going out on your own to gather rather than having 1 or 2 other ppl with you. Yes a clan could be able to get more resources, but thats only if they all split up in dozens of directions and intentionally avoided each other.

Even if players from a large clan did go out solo to gather, it makes them alot easier to kill than 2 or 3 man teams of gatherers.

Also totally unrelated, but the headshot crit multiplier for the bow should be higher!

Honestly i hate these “solo player/lone wolf buff” threads that pop up every now and again.

I’ve been a solo player for a long time and i don’t have any problems with groups, i actively look for clan bases so that i can build a forward base to hunt them for their guns (sometimes they also have gunpowder that they are busy crafting while gathering) .A pipe shotgun with slugs is all you need to hunt the gatherers. You can also lure 2 and 3 man teams up a mountain where you have both cover and the high ground to make them easy kills.Also don’t forget bear traps which are super useful for causing some confusion for pursuing players (hide about 3 on the opposite side of a bush)

I am someone who tends to solo a lot. And if the server somehow could track time spent solo/away from people, I say there should be an introvert or scaredy cat debuff for being solo. Being solo already gives you the huge advantages of having to equip, feed and look out for just yourself. And that should be enough.

The game clearly rewards and is meant for teamwork. Solo players are outnumbered and outgunned by groups. Yes as a solo player you have to be like a ninja and avoid direct combat with groups. Planning how and where to build is crucial, more so than a base who has multiple occupants who can just build a tower and walls.

The point of the duration buff is having the option of efficient farming as a solo player, considering theres so many systems at work in favor of groups already. And not everyone can be glued to their monitors for 18+ hrs a day to keep an eye on their base.

Ultima Online had guild stones where you declared yourself to a guild. They were kept in whatever house the guild leader chose to place them. To join the guild, he or she would have to access the stone and manually add you, which you then confirm. You had to be in the same room with the stone.

This then allowed you certain features that non-guild members did not receive, including shading other guild members so they were easy to spot, access to buildings and chests, etc.

Perhaps this is a mechanic that can be explored?

Okay, what if you have lots of neighbors that you don’t interact with?

Buys multiplayer game, demands solo features.:hairpull:

This is a good idea. Ark has something similar to this, its do-able and probably headed in that direction considering the devs are doing away with the tool cupboard.

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Then your base will be raided soon unless its really well hidden, and besides solo players tend to travel away from their base while harvesting. So it wouldnt matter if you have neighbors because the duration for the buff doesnt proc until youre a certain distance away from all players.

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I would call it balance, not solo features for a multiplayer game. Balance between solo vs group game mechanics. Ive played solo for over 250 hrs and with a friend for 100+ hrs only on official servers. And what i mean by balance, its the slightest degree of balance considering all the advantages of working in a group.

Okay… A potentially game changing mechanic is going to depend on a completely random variable? As a lonewolf myself, I’m around lots of people, though I don’t buddy up with them. I have a lot of neighbors, they never helped me, I never helped them. They are just acquaintances. And what about high density servers? The thing about Rust is that everything is random because the main game mechanic is people. People are random, this game mechanic that you conjured up is based off the predictions of people.

To be honest, this is an bad idea for many reasons.

  1. The clans is going to exploit this futures somehow, for example they will have 2 accounts they switch betwen. For example getting the farm buff. Wich actually would make the clans even stronger compared.

  2. Everyone should play on the same terms. Its not hard to find a group, if you dont like playing solo cause others team up, then just go and f-ing team up with someone yourself.

  3. The game does not need balance in this term, since it is a sandbox survival game. It will always be harder to survive alone. A player gets bonuses for playing solo, thats just so fucking lol.

Any game is easier with teams. Just like real life. Choosing to play on your own can be rewarding, but you’re going to have an uphill battle. That’s just the way it works. Why should solo players have some magical buff that gives them an advantage over players who team up?

I can see it being a thing,but i feel like it would be exploited (not like it doesn’t happen with everything)

Playing Solo is the Biggest buff that does Exist in this game tho. No one that Inteferes in youre playstyle.

Thats true, I tried to play with a newb friend and he used all of the wood building wooden foundations all around the base in attempts to make it bigger.