Add custom images to DarkRP hud?

Hello Facepunch!
Would anybody help me out in adding custom images to a DarkRP hud? I’ve seen it done before, but don’t know the way to go about it.
Thank you!


Sorry, I’m scared if I try to take the time and help you, you would be mad at me and talk about how facepunch is so shit.

Just like your other threads.

Great spam, please get out of here now.

The truth hurts. Atleast try and find what you’re looking for, but since I’m nice, I’ll spoon feed you.

Thanks buddy but I already attempted this and I can’t seem to be able to import images from outside of GMod.

Then you aren’t using this correctly, are you including your folder directory with correct format?

Try putting your images in

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\materials

	local xp_bar = Material("vrondakis/xp_bar.png"); --- Sets the local variable of "xp_bar" to the material directed
	surface.SetMaterial(xp_bar); --- Uses the material xp_bar
	surface.SetDrawColor(255,255,255,255) --- Sets color
	surface.DrawTexturedRect( ScrW()/2-371, 0,  742,46); -- Draws the shit fam

(My code :slight_smile: Not sure why I have semi colons in there though)

Probably worth mentioning that local xp_bar … should be outside of HUDPaint

Just saying, your should probably google something before you post it on FacePunch. If you can’t find it, then post it. But I literally googled your question and the links came up.

Eyyy, mad respect for you man. I’ve literally read every single piece of code you wrote for the levelling system and I’m in love.

I just realised who you are and I’ve actually spoke to you before on GWRP. Man I added you on steam, accept me fam<3