Add digging?

imagine if we could dig out the ground and make trenches and shit and make our own underground caves and all. Not to sound like minecraft but it would be cool to see in rust

Yes. sounds good and I think some time ago I read something like that, but give you the same answer as above I read,
it’s fucking hard to create or apply to the current system.

talves the most feasible is a hole. dimention limited by the fondation over the hole.
but pass tunnels. as I said is fucking hard

It would be very cool to dig like in Planet Explorers for sure. Good idea McSkillz.

Devs already taked about Terraforming that isnt possible in Unity or something like that
(This is maybe not true but thats what i kept in mind)

Tell that to the 7 days to die devs.

7 days to die is unity?

Lead via. Google.

Unity is mostly an IDE with a 3D Engine allready built. So not sure what is meant with out of the box unity. Out of the box you have an IDE with some pre-build template you could use like shaders, physics, etc.
So as per the question, the reason I don’t see this happening (soon) is the current map is a Heightmap (where the heightmap matrix is currently procedurally generated from a user provided seed) whereas you would require a voxel map to remove pieces of it (i.e. make a cave yourself etc). If they do allow it via the current heighmap model, it means you can only dig down, i.e. no diagonal or horizontal tunnels, only verticle.


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You’d be implying dynamic terraforming is impossible.(Pretty sure Life Is Feudal uses dynamic terraforming.)

I’m sorry Shark711 you just wrong in your assumptions.

Seen alot of game engines for example LIF as kila58 said.

Done my own world engine based on a heightmap were it works fine to dig any way you like. There is even possible to dig tunnels that looks way better than 7days.

They just use the new easy way out using voxels.

Shark, Unitys heightmap terrain system can do holes. There is a plugin on the Unity store that allows you to literally put holes in the ground. You just have to use a physical object to plug that hole (or else fall through the world).

Life of Feudal is using this method as Torque3D already has a built in option to do this.