Add durgz to Cheesy Lard's Durgz Mod 2.1

I tried and failed, I can’t figure out what to do. If anyone wants to do it for me try to add Salvia Divinorum, Ecstasy, and maybe Nitrous.

Yeah I already did this but I never released it. I added Meth, Ecstasy, PCP, Absynth, Morphine and some others. But I formated my pc and I think I forgot to back it up maybe I could check.

well could you tell me how you added it then?

Ok. Say you wanted to add Meth to the drug mod, you want it to have the same effect as cocaine so copy the durgz_cocaine folder (its found in lua/entities) rename it durgz_meth now go into the meth folder and open the init.lua with notepad, now you have to replace all the words cocaine with the word meth so use the find and replace all function. I also changed some other things like the death thing “died of stroke (to much meth)” and the text “ZOMG TEH BUGZ ARE UNDER MAH SKINZ GOTTA SCRATCH EMZ OUT” I also added a custom effect but I wont go into that. Now you save that file and exit it. Now open the SHARED.lua and do the same replace method, replace all cocaine with meth. You should also edit some of the other details up the top to, save this and exit. Now I want you to go to the folder called lua/entities/durgz_base and open the init.lua in there, you need to find:

local function SoberUp(pl, x, y, z, ndeath, didntdie)
	--make a smooth transition and not a instant soberization
	local drugs = {

	local ttime = {

As you can see I already added meth to the list and another number to the list of numbers, you need to do the same(make sure you dont forget the “,” symbol after the second last number.

Now thats all the LUA scripting you need just one more thing, go into materials/vgui/entities and make a new material and name it durgz_meth I suggest copying one of the ones already there and editing it in photoshop or something make sure you edit the vmt also so it says:

“$basetexture” “vgui/entities/durgz_meth”
“$vertexcolor” “1”
“$vertexalpha” “1”
“$nolod” “1”

Im not going to teach you how to make VTFs there is plenty of tuts on google. I hope this works for you and isnt to confusing. If all gos well this is what you should have:

It takes some experimentation to get the effects you want but use your imagination.