Add Faction fonction system !

I tink lot player whant faction systeme for get more friendly playing , if you get 2 faction like Good and bad side Rust will get more grouping control whit frendly , You cant destroy house of friend faction , Cant same faction friend. I tink its realy good tink end its realy easy to make this for conceptor .

Guilds or clans and pick-up-group systems should be implemented, but no forced factions!

I had this idea aswell, i kinda came up with a way of implementing it.
Check it out here:

forced faction is realy better , because 200 player on map for now is to mutch whiout forced faction , its nice to see lot player like this but if new player connected for the fist time and get kille all 1 minute this suck.

If new player can see flaget same faction on start , player can follow or get help easy.

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and all armor collor need to be change for all different faction , no name color on the top of player , if rust add player name system you will see cheating easyer.