Add files from content

well can someone explain me why this doesnt work.
[resource.AddFile] File sound\weapons\xm1014\xm_insert.wav didn’t exist!
i know the file exists cause i copy pasted the location. its in contents though. if thats the reason can someone explain me how to get it to work

Isn’t the folder called content (singular) for gamemode custom content?

its added as it should be added im pretty sure

If you’re sure it’s gamemodes/name/content/sound/weapons/xm1014/xm_insert.wav then I’m not sure. I don’t have much experience in gamemode scripting.

False I’m stupid… I just realized I was talking about something else and didn’t fully read your post… Sorry.

Good luck :slight_smile:

No this is wrong. It is relative to the garrysmod folder, including content folders.

It’s reletive to the Garrysmod folder, however Content is just an alias for the Garrysmod folder itself, and thus isn’t included in the string. You just replicate it as was provided by example one. Ensure it’s in the correct format and bitrate.

apparently you don’t know much about lua, cause i did it right but didn’t work, so please read about before you post if you don’t know anything about it.

Don’t assume that he doesn’t know Lua. I’m just assuming that you do not have the file in the right place and/or the path is not correct to the file.


He obviously knows Lua if you’ve seen his work or posts before. It was just a mistake.

i havnt seen any of he’s work im sorry, but he doesn’t know much about that command then. and yes it is at the right location, im reinstalling my server and checking if one of the dll’s probably were incorrect

well for some reason the gamemode takes the content from darkrp??? why does it do that when its not derived from darkrp, and it has its own content folder

Did you copy and paste the content folder?

no i created it my self with my own files and stuff, its pretty wird