Add GMod friends

I got an idea, since everyone in this forum is playing Garry’s Mod, why dont get more friends on Gmod?

My steam id is Zeroi9. Add me :smiley:
I like Building servers and RP


I like to build houses and stuff.

GenoOVAH9000 is mine! I like to drop containers on mingebags!

You can all add me on cool_fb =)
I play build most! x)


I like spamming servers and minging around!

Not really.

odielol, if it doesn’t work click the link below my avater

I’ll play anything


I build killing machines. Sniper sentries, defense sentries, TF2 sentries, homing missile launchers, prop killers that are impossible to avoid…

Yeah, I’m an wire mingebag.

PLATINUM RyDER or kidcouger (my name will show up as panty droppa :stuck_out_tongue: )

I like Turtles,Rp servers and Build

My steam name is: snipedxoi

And hoorah! I am a samurai!


  • I like to build extremely cool shit, with Wire, EP2, Stargate, etc.

Is mine dude (I’m one lazy bitch)
-I like to hmm> Build Buildings and Build them high to build them agin and destroy them! and wire


I like using Wire and learning new stuff. Don’t really know much E2, but I’m using it sometimes.
Started playing TTT yesterday.

So… Playing most on Sandbox or TTT.


I like playing on Exiled Servers, my own server, and testing maps.

What the fuck? Is this a joke here? How are you unregistered?


Oh and mine is gerbile3


I like to fuck females.

How the shit?

Mine is: hoyland

Add me, i own a very popular 16 slot garrysmod server and im a mapper =)

I know.
How the fuck did he do this.

I want an explanation right NAOW!