Add Ladders (unraidable bases are BS)

so obviously we don’t want people building walls around your door so you can’t get out… it’s reasonable that we can’t build anything we want. However, we should be able to put something down like a latter up to someones roof, or unreachable rock base. This is realistic, will make it more fun, and will make the game mostly exploitable.

It doesn’t have to be ladders exactly, but I think stuff like this is needed.

Taking the cupboard out will fix this, on that note is the cupboard still a temporary solution or am I getting my hopes up? I wanna build up to peoples bases and have that fun rust experience legacy has to offer.

I think it’s temporary until they implement a way of avoiding or easing griefing. Tbh, the sooner the better. The cupboard makes people lazy. The amount of places I’ve raided because they’ve built a cupboard in one corner of a big base and didn’t bother upgrading the roof.

Awesome. It seems like whenever I reply on reddit about removal of cupboard I’m immediately blasted for it and told its out of the question. I would just like to also say that the game is coming along great. I checked it out a few weeks ago and then again the other day to see the progress and I was blown away. I stopped playing around when experimental was introduced and have been occasionally testing it out but these recent updates are making me want to jump back in and stay for good.

The cupboard is a decent way of designating ownership (and unlike legacy mods it allows ownership to change, so you can take still over a base).

But there does need to be a way to get up a building, because right now with with decent cupboard placement (you would be surprised how many fail at this) and removing internal stairs its pretty easy to create an unraidable base.

Allowing twig structure to be placed with cupboard radius has been suggested, but its the wrong answer, with this you could just clamber up and over any building at will, pick your entry point with complete freedom, it would make raiding far too easy and crush all building creativity.

Something in the nature of ladders or grappling lines would be better, they would let people get onto rocks or climb up a few stories without just giving every freshspawn the run of your base’s roof. Also, would open up a new battle between builders and raiders in terms of building styles to fight against placement or use of ladders/grappling lines.

If you want to talk about one of the worst and overrated communities for anything, Reddit is definitely it. Try reading anything about TF2 on there and you’ll catch cancer.

It might be a temporary solution until they find a permanent way to prevent grieving. You act like the implementation of the cupboard was on a whim and serves no purpose. You need to think outside of what you would do and see how fucked up other people are. I understand you may be the nice guy who just builds twigs up to raid the loot. But ask yourself how many assholes would put a foundation in front of your door and throw down armored stairs to block it?

Either you’re failing to see the picture, or you’re one of the assholes. I can’t tell.

Yeah. i was a fan of allowing building twigs everywhere but you are right about crushing building creativity. a simple ladders that will allow to reach all tall rocks and higher floor will solve it all. something that let you reach 3 stories high (some rock bases are 4 stories high so it would be hard to balance).

Yes, unraidable bases are BS, (… as in they don’t exist).

If you can’t raid a base it’s because you lack the resources or the skills.

Ok. Not unraidable. But unreachable exist.

Sorry, but you are a lier or in-game bug user.

Anyway, specially for you i will clarify the statment: should not be difference in raid complexity between “common land”, “water”, “rock” and “no inside ladders” bases.

Build a tower just out of the build area of a persons base that is closest to the structure but furthest from the cupboard inside. Build the tower high enough out of twigs you can get above the base then build towards it once you have a decent build run and jump heal when you land your gonna take damage. A little ingenuity and a lot of thinking should be involved in base raiding especially if the builder also put a little ingenuity into creating his “unraidable” base. That’s the fun trying to figure it out. If you can do it, you rule… if you can’t your a toad and no one is gonna ask you to dance.
I am sure a lot of other folks have different strategies but they will probably keep it to themselves since they don’t want toads raiding their bases :wink:

I’m with Neil on this one. There are no unraidable bases. There are just bases out of reach of the opportunistic raiders who are unwilling or unable to commit the time and resources to do so, or to those that just can’t figure out how to.

Just because you can’t figure out how to do something doesn’t mean it’s impossible or that people are cheating to do it.

So please explain why exactly there «should not be difference in raid complexity between “common land”, “water”, “rock” and “no inside ladders” bases»? Why should someone who’s taken great time and effort to craft an ingeniously designed base using a ton of resources and time be as easy to raid as someone who casually dropped a stone 4x4 on a flat piece of land?

EDIT: I’m actually ok with adding more raiding tools like ladders. But before that can be done, more base defenses and traps need to be added to the game. Otherwise, the balance swings heavily in favour of raiders and makes it as easy as taking candy from a paraplegic baby. My clan and I are pretty active raiders, but we’re not about instant gratification either.

Why should we make it easy for you? All bases are raidable, and it’s my job as a builder to make it hard as hell for you to get in.

lenyzeny, has outlined the steps for you, you are gonna need some wood, a bunch of pick axes or c4, a bunch of steaks or medical syringes, and a brain…

No where in the rules does it say we need to make bases easy for you to raid…

This! So this…

Please tell me where i asked to make it easy? I will also mark out key words. I asked to implement raiding other way. I want raiding, not “roofing” only. How hard could it be may depends on other features like traps, barricades etc. And of course on simple numeric values - C4 cost vs building cost.

So no, i didn’t ask to make it easy.

I don’t want to argue and discuss it for the tenth time.

  1. You lie. Build on rock and build on land costs same amount resources and time.
  2. It’s because. It’s abnormal. It is unrealistic. The only reason why people build this way, just to get some advantages.

But In general i don’t want any limitations about this. Just add ladders necessary and sufficient.

You seem to like throwing around that “you lie” term whenever someone doesn’t agree with your preconceived notions, don’t you? Guess it applies to you as well, because as soon as you say “I don’t want to argue and discuss it for the tenth time…” because you can’t come up with a coherent rebuttal to what someone says, you continue to argue about it again and need to resort to childish name calling to try to make your point. Pot, meet kettle.

And yes, it IS an advantage to build on a rock. That’s why people do it. It prevents people from being raided by lazy, opportunistic raiders like yourself that roam the landscape and want everything to be easy for them. It takes much better planning, time searching for the right location to build an effective rock base. For those that take the time to do it, their extra effort should be rewarded with an extra measure of security.

And don’t give me the “it’s not realistic” bullshit as a valid retort. There’s not a lot of realism in Rust to start with.

Anyway, I think you’ve amply proven that you’re closed minded and can’t think outside the box. That’s why you’re unable to raid difficult bases. Perhaps you should go play something less intellectually challenging like Hello Kitty Online.

Please enjoy these unrealistic… umm real houses.


IF i don’t use GLITCHES like alt+f4 on jumping, Can i go on a rock base? No. Then its not balanced. Then its called UNRAIDABLE, unless you use glitches. You see the flaw in here?

Alt + F4 on jumps is called glitch, because your avoid getting damage, something that you should have taken but you tricked the server. Should i use other glitches? Like hey i can use an executable that makes me fly. Its a glitch right?

Adding ladders will balance the houses on rocks and the “rulling” of one server by a group of thugs because they were on the rock first.

My clan and I have never used a glitch to raid a rock base, yet have raided several. I’ve actually never failed to gain entry on any we’ve attempted. We’ve blown the contents to smithereens a couple of times making the raid worthless, but we’ve never been kept out of anything my guys and I have made a concerted attempt to breach.

And as I said, I welcome the addition of ladders and other raiding tools so long as there are deterrents added as well. Many people just seem to want raiding to be easy. I don’t. I like being challenged and having to solve a puzzle in order to get to the prize.

Like I said to Antoine - just because you can’t figure out how to do something doesn’t mean it’s impossible.