Add Models to Pointshop?

Can someone explain to me how to add models to the pointshop? Like custom models, such as Mastechief, mario, etc etc.

Thank you.

damnit just read the OP next time

this has all the documentation you need for basic things like models, only post here if you want help with something not solvable by the website like a custom powerup or something

Okay thank you!
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Also… I read the pointshop site. It doesn’t explain to me what I’m confused about at all.

I get how to make the items.lua files… but im confused on the…
ITEM.Material = “trails/electric.vmt”
ITEM.Model = “models/player/kleiner.mdl”

Where exactly are those .vmt and .mdl files at? or supposed to be at?

vmt are texture files in the materials directory.
mdl are model files in the models directory.