Add more base defense items. HEAR ME OUT!


Add like trip wire minds to put infront of stairs or like spike pit trap would be cool, don’t know how you would pull it off but it would be cool.
Also add like hot oil vats to place above doors on top of roof say like someone is at door just drop hot oil to do burning damage. You would need to refill it with crude oil and start the fire. Also I own a server (The Rustic Empire) and we built an arena for players to fight in and have fun and we noticed that animals run through walls… such as bears we spawned a bunch in a cage so we could release them into the arena and they just all sunk into the foundation and ran away spreading a bear invasion to my town I worked very hard to build. After 3 days we finally got most of the bears.

Add more base defense items like hot oil vats and pit fall traps.

I would love more stealthy traps to use, but they would need to do it in such a way that you don’t trigger them yourself.

Honestly all of those traps that “should” come in will mostly fuck with us or our teammates, Id be more for simple but effektiv stuff like Barbwires, camouflage nets, Iron chests which take longer to break, More turret devices.

Booby trapped (with a grenade) storage boxes seems obvious enough to mention.