Add Music to my pointshop ( spécifics all line )


I want to add music to my pointshop and put a music icon detailing the line so I can just copy paste (grieve, I’m french I can not too well in English)

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sorry for my bad post

Music? Going to have to be a little more specific. A song in PS that when they buy it plays locally for them? Like what? End Round Music?

I wish we could buy sound from the pointshop, and you can configure it with a key to use when you want in the game

Do you mean like a taunt the everyone on will hear or just a song that plays locally for them when they press a key?

That everyone can hear.
By purchasing from pointshop course

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Up please


Be a bit more specific. Do you want a taunt? A jihad sound?

I want to add any sound!
Imagine for example by downloading dragon!
I hope the players can download it from the pointshop and dice they use, everyone can hear

Anyways I think I get it. You want them to buy taunts?

Okay, I’m pretty sure he wants to buy a sound, then be able to play it for everybody to hear on the server.

Yes that’s right!