Add new chats

Hey guys, the idea is to add new chat features like:

/help :[text]
There should be this feature so new people can ask questions and get help there instead of spamming the general chat. It should be able to turn this chat off and on by:
/help off
/help on

So the people who actually want to help other players can turn the chat on and those who want to play in silence they can turn it off.

/pm [Playername]: [text]
This feature would keep the chat much more clean since you can massage the person you want to talk to without having every other person to read it.
There should also be a option to turn it on and off to avoid getting spammed from people you just killed by:
/pm off
/pm on

And the last one should be:
/s :[text]

This one should be visible for all people arround you. Should have the same distance like when you press ā€œvā€ to talk.
The reason behind this is to be able to chat to others close to you without having to talk. There are a few reasons why people dont like to talk with their mic like: having no microphone, talking in real life to someone else, having to be silent because someone sleeps close to you or simply beeing scared to talk to some other people. Maybe because he doesnt speak english that well or any other reason.

Thats it, leave your comment with your opinion here!
Have a nice day

We could have some really simple Tips while loading screen like how to gather stone.