Add NPC Entities to Hammer

I’m using the hammer editor to create a simple single player map. I’d like to create the map in TF2 but the hammer editor doesn’t allow me to use the npcs included in other source engine titles such as HL2. Is there a way to add these npcs to the available list?

i dont know if TF2 got support for NPCs. And becouse TF2 and HL2 is on different versions of the source engine, i dont think you can import from HL2. EP2 on the other hand is on the same engine as TF2, but im still not sure TF2 can handle NPCs.

Valve Source MP games do not have NPC support.

If that’s the case then is there no way to create a game where you fight against a horde of npc zombies with your friends over the internet?

some multiplayer non-valve mods can have npc support but valve don’t include it


well, L4D, and GMod. And there is proberly alot of mods that you can do that in, Synergy for example.

Well Valve intentionally makes it so NPCs don’t work in those games, so games like L4D, which need NPCs are left alone.

pre l4d