Add-on of the week! 1.

Im starting a thread called Add-on of the week! this weeks add-on is!

Drum roll

Crosshair 1.6! it allows you to chabge your cross hair to any of the crosshairs they have heres the link!


Nifty, but useless.

If you want add-on of the decade, SharpeYe.

Indeed, Crosshair pales in comparison to SharpeYe.

Hmm shuld of look that up first well ill change it when i see if its better

it IS better. You dont have to look it up.

Crosshair 1.6 is very useless, i have to keep turning it back on after everytime i load a map.

also, more then 95% of the crosshairs were crap.

Also, sharpeye is alot better then it so i think sharpeye is this weeks add-on of the week.

I’ve been using DepthHUD, I have to say that I like it, almost as much as SharpeYe.

Sharpeye or Proxi should be addon of the week

And next will be undoubtedly PHX or Wiremod.

Bro what are you doing


The addon of the week is 1134 days old.

Hehehe intresting but yet again i dont need it, sorry :stuck_out_tongue: