Add one digit to keylock ?

Save some lost lifes spent guessing the door key.
Please !

Are you trying to guess other peoples locks or your own? Lol

Lol… who would use one digit for the door?

Unless it’s meant as adding 1 digit to the existing 4 digits… at least that’s what the title mean, not sure if it was the idea from OP.

Makes more sense, must’ve misread it.

after two weeks on a server one psico found my code
strange to say but 9999 code are easy to guess

I don’t think another digit will help much. A 5 digit stupid obvious code is only slightly more secure than a 4 digit stupid obvious code.

it does add a load more potential combinations so it’d slow down key lock hacks, if that’s even still a thing that exists…

Outside of that, it wouldn’t help much other than making people feel a bit more secure, although there is a much higher chance of guessing a 4 digit combination than 5.

Why not add 2 more? or 4?

I think it’s a 4 digit code to make it easier for us in general.

I think instead of forcing 4 digit codes, it should let you input codes that are 2-4 digits in length. Would cause it to take a lot longer to guess all the possible combinations.

I think a 16 digit PIN is what’s required, just like my credit card, with a security number, and an expiry date!

Seriously, if you can’t come up with an un-guess-able 4 digit number, you will have the same problem with a 5 digit PIN. 99999 or 12345 are just as easy to guess.

the whole point is to allow players to spend the time guessing the code. if it becomes too hard, you may as well remove the code and just have ownership and permissions on the locks.

Or you could switch to actual keys and then they have to kill you and loot your corpse to get in. While that’s entirely possible when you’re out and about, it can’t happen when you’re offline and safe inside your base unless they just blow walls down or cheat, while people have all the time in the world to guess your keycode if you’re asleep/at work.

That’s actually a good use for keys. Placing codelocked and key locked doors for more security.

It would be cool if you could apply both locks to the same door. Then I would totally use key locks while I was inside.

Digits from 0-9 -> 10 digits (N)
Available slots 4 ®
Repetition allowed, order matters.
Formula: N to the power of R.
Total: 10^4 -> 10000

You’re telling me you can actually fuck up finding an unique code between 10 thousand possibilities?

Main issue here are brute force hacks trying all the codes. 10k isn’t that much in that context.

10k codes. By hand, of course, because you have to go through it without using external programs (VAC will pickup any attempt at ‘intelligent input’ as hacking afaik).
~5 second per attempt, assuming you’re a complete monkey about it. Let’s assume no lagspikes, noone passing by to distract you, and all the impossibilities.
Average attempts you need to crack the code is half, assuming even distribution.
That is 5k.
25000 seconds ~= 416 minutes ~= 6h 56m of nonstop inputting codes on average.

Rock damage on armored: 0.1
Rock Firerate: 1s
Rock DPS on Armored: 0.1

Armored Door HP: 1k
Seconds required to break down door with rock: 10k
10000 seconds ~= 166 minutes ~= 2h 54m of holding M1 and switching rocks as they break.

Result: It’d be faster to break the door using a rock

Hackers are using hacks to try all codes… It is much faster than by hand.

If you use your imagination you will find a code that is not easily guessed…
Increasing to 5 digits code will not help against “automated hacks” since adding another 10 options will increase the number of possible codes to 100 000, which is not much.