Add option to disable RunConsoleCommand

I think you should add a cvar to make it so commands sent via RunConsoleCommand won’t be executed. I know certain commands are blocked, but it can still help for extra security.

Your wish is my command. :wink:

Place in autorun/client/yourfile.lua
local EnableRCC = CreateClientConVar( “enable_runconsolecmd”, 1, true, false )

local oldRunConsoleCmd = RunConsoleCommand
function RunConsoleCommand(str,…)
if EnableRCC:GetBool() then
print("RunConsoleCommand ",str,…)
return oldRunConsoleCmd(str,…)

Note that disabling it will automatically make you unable to use most addons and to spawn anything in sandbox.

Didn’t know that, Crazy Quebec. And thanks, Cubar.

You can make it block certain commands if you want like quit and that i can do that if you want.

Is it possible to have a setting for the cvar so that it asks each time? e.g. ‘Server is sending command: “say I’m a faggot” Run command? Yes/No’ (things like that happen, think ULX !cexec)


If the server is doing it right, it’s a usermessage hook in a clientside lua file. If RunConsoleCommand is being abused by a sever operator, consider joining a better/more reliable server.

I’ve been known to use it to give people the achievement, but that’s that. If someone’s doing stuff like lab on your end, I’d ditch the server.