ADD peanuts to the game!!

It will be cool of they added peanuts!

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B–but what about peanut allergies?


I’m super_peanut and it’s a must for me to have peanuts in this game! Add peanuts! #PEANUTS4LIFE

1% chance to eat a peanut and drop dead

Legumes are bad, m’kay?

If there are peanuts, then we will need a way to kraft peanut butter.

This is not a particularly strong argument for a change request, I’m just gonna say.

What would peanuts do aside from being a generic foodstuff?

Maybe they can be Super Goobers, and we can transform into Super Goof.

Trolls everywhere here ::rolls eyes::
I swear these useless threads are just a space waste

Well, if you could farm them you could spend in-game days watching them grow, strange little species they are. Growing, flowering, then the pollinated flower buds bend down into the soil to finish growing there…

Yes, and thank you so much for your useful contribution, we really appreciate it.

300 Peanuts + 25 Animal Fat + Rock(you get it back afterwards) = Peanut Butter, which in true Rust fashion magically comes in a plastic jar even though you made it fresh. 300 may seem like a lot, but if you’ve ever seen how peanut butter is made you know it takes a lot and needs some kind of oil to emulsify it, hence the animal fat.

In other words, while they would be a little out of place, I’d actually like to see peanuts and by proxy peanut butter added at some point.