Add people to ulx admin class with custom lua script ?

Hi im working on a donator system for my server.
Im currently working on the privelege key part in the f4 menu.
And for that i need a way of adding a user to the donator group i made in ulx admin mod using a lua script that addes the user.

server ip:
Gamemode: DarkRP

Try looking at this:,6381.0.html

ime trying to use the game.CommandConsole() commad now but i keep getting an error when i try to use it.

you should take code_gs’ advice, or at least provide us with a little more, like what exactly you’re trying to do and the error you get.

I think he wants it to automatically promote someone to a “donator” group in ULX when they donate via the website.

I think there’s such a system on coderhire if you don’t want to make it yourself.