Add Sand please!

I am making a request that you add sand which you can then make into glass in the furnace (could make a second tier furnace that is required as well or/and workbench). Once someone has glass they can then make, binoculars, Glass for windows, bullet proof glass, sniper rifle. Once glass in place it would also be cool if you could use walls and windows to cut down on voice sounds that way private meetings can be held in homes without being heard. Just a cool add in I thought could bring a little more depth to the game :slight_smile:

Yes, and then glass could be used to make binoculars, windows etc.

I agree, thus adding the new tool “shovel”.

also they should add redstone…

Yes, yes and yes. But there will not be sniper rifles, ever.

Its quite likely in a place where we construct pipe shotguns and hand-cannons, we somehow have the tools and know how to make convex lenses in the right combination.

And lets not even start on ballistic glass.

Try looking to the future of the game.

diamond swords please

so many december members come here making suggestions that would make this game minecraft…

Yes but we can construct m4’s and c4… right… sorry I got to unrealistic for you

Minecarts and tracks!

Yes because I heard about a game later then you my opinions mean less then yours do… the world would be a whole lot less hostile if when someone didn’t agree they just posted disagree and move on :slight_smile: but thanks for your insight it really helped

Yeah, because its not like they’re placeholders or anything. I never said I didn’t have my issues with M4. Go look up the rifle and pistol designs.

Oh and we can’t make C4. Explosive Charges sure. Just because they’re commonly referred to as C4 doesn’t change the fact that they’re made in a fairly reasonable manner.

Regardless, even if you took my last comments as a realism; they don’t really fit with the game, and where it appears to be heading.

Yes everyone wants a sniper rifle so they can stay far far away. They think that’s simply through having a scope. I’m doubtful we’ll see much for weapons past the range of 200.

We can craft C4 (Explosive charges)
We can also craft Explosives (an ingredient for C4)

What C4 looks like in reality
in Rust “C4”

Replace the Zombies to Enderman.Oh and we need some new Ore like Diamond.
Its planed to make Woman chars.So we can craft jewellery for the Woman

Your name fits, did you read my post at all?

You obviously know nothing.
Glycerol -> NitroGlycerin -

Also wikipedia for nitro -
Seems terribly complex for doing on a workbench. That is NOT fairly reasonable. Have a nice day.

It’d be nice to actually have to make things if you know what i mean… Like with a holographic site, you need to make glass and find a sight to make it… Since how can you make a WHOLE holographic site with metal?

add sand which you can then make into glass in the furnace

Instantly reminded me of Minecraft…

stop dream… all

And Creepers!