ADD Smoking, Making Moonshine, edible herbs, berries, and fishing!

I see social vices missing that could be beneficial to gameplay, and fun.

Add harvestable tobacco or marijuana, or something similar. Players should be able to craft cigarettes, pipes, and hookas.

I want to make a still. I want to harvest berries and make moonshine. Booze should give you a small damage resist buff at the expense of increased food/stamina loss rate, or something similar.

I want to harvest mushrooms and make poison to tip my arrows, or add some tasty ones to a stew.

I want to harvest herbs for eating or some alchemical healing properties.

We are surrounded by an ocean. Please add fishing, the ability to make fishing poles, a small dock, and rafts or skiffs. This will give players a reason to settle near the coasts instead of congesting the center of the island.

Just a few thoughts.

You want to smoke mariuhana while fishing? Sounds like you won’t see the guy behind you with the hatchet^^

Actually, I don’t smoke irl. I am suggesting that as much as RUST intends a social element, it is rather lacking, and begs for improvement. I think adding some social vices/elements could make for some very interesting gameplay.

Also, did you not read the rest of the post? Smoking was all you took from it?

Yes i think your ideas are good. The game would benefit from it.

I actually really like your ideas, being able to make a still and make moonshine and being able to fish would be fun!

The crops seem like a good idea until you log off and everything has been picked or pillaged when you come back, hopefully the defenses they have planned will allow for protected crops. I like fishing, but we need lakes/ponds and actual coastlines, i.e. not gonna be of much use on the current map. That plays into skiffs, rafts and docks not fitting with the rocky, mountainous coast on the test map.

I want to see them, but I don’t think the current map supports much in terms of fishing and coastal activities. I hope to see this kind of stuff but I don’t think we’re anywhere near it for these next few months.

I would love to see the addition of rope, perhaps made from hemp (which you could smoke, I guess) that you harvest from nodes. I think a pipe would be pretty neat, similar to a torch in terms of “ammo” and has a smoke effect on a smaller scale. But most importantly I would love to see the addition of rope, and from rope we can tie people up, climb houses/cliffs, create rigging for sails, create nets for trapping.

Rope and harvestable plant nodes would be the first steps to seeing your wishlist come true.

They should add a small sea in the future. It would make the map more interesting. Or maybe rivers who cross the map.

These are some pretty cool ideas.
Here are my thoughts:
Cigarettes should raise your comfort level but lower your health by 5, alcohol should raise your comfort but have some screen shaking for a minute or so, maybe it can be made as part of the requirement for large health packs (as a disinfectant.) I like the berries idea, very useful for a new player. I am certain fishing will be coming, there is no reason for it not to being on an island and all. Rafts or boats would be really cool too, but you obviously should only be able to sail out so far, and you gotta watch for leaks and all that. To finish up real quick, to make coast living viable, there should be “driftwood” coming out of the sea every now and then that can be harvested, so you don’t have to make constant trips into the resource zones.

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Yeah, a river would be awesome! and what if there was an event where a small raft was floated down the river with some supplies? It would be a silent one, so you wouldn’t know it was coming, but if you were nearby, you could get some free food, clothing, or whatever else. Also with this drop, if it isn’t claimed quick enough, it will end up floating out to sea.

I’m a bit neutral on this idea. For me, adding content to the game is not beneficial unless its adding to the game play. Harvesting mushrooms to make a tasty stew does not seem like a meaningful addition to game-play - I’m mean, surviving should be tough, so if you got time to worry about how your stew tastes, I think the game is somehow failing to challenge you.

A lot of this game is about resources. Sure, stone, wood etc, but more fundamentally are the resources of “time” and “knowledge”. A lot of the game play decisions we make are about choosing how to make the best use of our time: Do I collect resources and build a fortified house, or do I spend my time looting for blueprints (to increase my knowledge).

For farming to work in the game, you’re going to have to invest time in it somehow. It should force the player into making a decision - instead of going raiding, I’ll spend the next hour tending my crops. Most likely in this game “tending” would probably mean “guarding”. If they produce a resource worth having, someone’s going to try and deprive you of it, and if they don’t produce a resource worth having (gastronomical improvements to virtual food), what’s the point?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trashing the idea, but I think it needs to be thought through into exactly how it will improve the game. The servers I play on are paranoid, violent, and death could be around any corner. That’s what I like about the game. Is taking up farming going to improve that?

The idea is that mushrooms are a form of food, if you are just starting out, taking down an animal can be tough (if you can even find them, sometimes you get spawned in a really shit spot with nothing around for quite a ways.)

It’s all about variety of play style, not everyone wants to be a hard-ass raider with a giant house, to some people, the appeal is to be able to softcore the game, be a farmer and a good neighbor or a solid member in a small in-game community. With something like this, there would be more variety in the gameplay, therefore it can appeal to a larger audience. That’s my reasoning, at least.

As I said before, this is another way to allow more players to get enjoyment out of the game. If you are not going to go out and mass-muder people for resources, but are not experienced enough to run around the map and gather resources (and likely get shot several times by the people who do kill for resources,) you will likely be farming and living near the coast fishing for your food and building a small house. Sure, it’s not secure, but you at very least get the rust experience, that is, survival by any means necessary.

Mirrors that i can craft and hand up in my base.
Hair/beard that grows every day, please. Fresh spawn are all clean shaven skinheads that look like we’ve come directly from an EDL march, seasoned players would have hair that can be shaved off with abilty to craft razors that allows for various hair styles and beard shapes

It sounds like we’ll have plenty of ways to get food, making hunger rather obsolete. It might be fun to make those mushrooms poisonous as well as hallucinatory and make meat rot and harder to obtain.

Fishing is an awesome idea

So an extra spawned resource, not a cultivated crop? Why would anyone hunt, if they could just gather? Honestly, this just seems like an approach to dumb-down/de-skill the game.

I’m all for variety of play styles. My play-style absolutely isn’t hard-core mass-murderer, but a lot of the excitement/challenge/reward from the game (for me) is knowing anybody could be (often is) a psychopath. My feeling is that you simply can’t mix “soft-core” and “hard-core” approaches in the same game. People are just not going to be left in peace to grow tobacco. If you play a PvP game with no karma/reputation system, you got to expect it to be tough.

Getting a little of topic, what I like about these smaller indy game is that they often have a very tight vision about were they are going, and never attempt to appeal to a wider audience. Personally, I like the way Rust is now (to re-iterate: my play style co-operative and not aggressive). I would like to see the current vision completed, rather than compromised for a wider audience.

It would be cool to have a hand mirror to use as more than just a vanity item, like you could use it to look under doors, maybe and see what’s in a room before you blow it open. It might get kind of abused, but it might be kinda cool

It would be cool if there was a river , or rivers splitting the map. Moddable fishing rods and nets sounds great, could also be used as weapon possibly.

Well either way, you would still need to hunt, since you need animals to make clothing, for one. On the other hand, with large-pop servers, spawned resources would be rather scarce with everyone picking them up. Also, you can easily debuff the amount of hunger it takes away (say, 50 per mushroom?)

And I completely agree, you are absolutely right, but the thing is, if you are BRAND new to the game, having never played before, you are likely not going to know the map (where resources are, and all that.) Therefore, a more softcore play style would probably seem more appealing for people who want to start out, but at the same time want the challenge of death by PvP. I’m not saying it’s perfect by any means, I just feel it would be a step in the right direction :smile: I respect your opinion.

“Compromised” isn’t necessarily the word to describe it. It would certainly change things up rather significantly, that I am sure of, but at the same time, even as you have said by calling your play style co-operative and not aggressive, that is proof that people do have different play styles (I Kill on Site to ensure my survival since I never know who is armed.) That’s my main argument on the topic, since people have distinct and unique play styles, the game should appeal to that, as the point is more at survival by ANY means necessary, be it killing everyone for their resources, raiding houses for resources, or just running out and gathering for yourself.

inventories are not good atm you can carry enough wood for a small city without even a buldge in ur pants.

I carry a lot of wood with a bulge in my pants

[sp]Oh wait, I forgot, we are talking about rust~[/sp]

Add all that and now we have

Minecraft + DayZ (until zombie removal) + GTA (minus the vehicles) + Zelda + The Sims

I’m not disagreeing with any of it. Just wondering if you guys want a kitchen sink thrown in there too.