Add strength stats please.

So as the title says I think that RUST would benefit from having a strength system, example - the more trees you chop the stronger you become allowing you to chop trees faster. This is just an idea I had as I really hate the tediousness off chopping trees. Also you could double this up with stamina. I know Garry has his mind set but what does everyone think?

I think that the developers keep denying every request that is inspired by RPGs. You might propose it in a modder’s forum.

I like the general Idea of stats and abilities but they should reset on death to give starters the same chances. If you dont only carry the bigger gun, but also chop wood, harvest stone faster, get more cloth and meat and fat from animals etc. its just a balance shift even further towards the big groups and frequent players.

There is already a mod that does this

Please go into more detail.

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Does anyone know what mod this guy is talking about?

There are a few others that have similarities but this is one that I found.

You may also wanna try “HuntRPG”