add time??

Hello quick question how do i add time to something?

im trying to add 60sec to my session time.

actualy simple local would work i just dont know how to add time in lua
it should look like this i guess:
local sometime = os.time(60)

i know that this is wrong but you should know what im trying to do.

result should be like this

local sometime = os.time(60)
local newtotal = prevtotal[1][“totaltime”] + sometime

Uh, os.time() + 60?

I hope this adds only 60sec not whole os time and 60sec lol. will test and let you know if it worked.


ABORT ABORT THOUSANDS OF HOURS. it added whole os time +60 i need only 60sec.


it had to be like this

local sometime = 60


local newtotal = prevtotal[1][“totaltime”] + 60

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Can you even math or something?

i can math i can’t lua

EDIT: btw thanks for help everyone finaly fixed my script.