Add tornados

there should be some kind of enviromental threat to your bases, tornados every so often should come sweeping through the area …if your base is stone would the tornado effect it tho?

I prefer that to the crazy robot idea that goes round “cleaning up” servers. Would bolster decay nicely and remove derelict buildings

I see this just as another way to add massive lag to the servers honestly. Not that I dislike it, but…

Just as an idea, tornados could have a scale factor and could affect construction parts regarding its stability? :slight_smile:

So do the homework when making the house design or …

My vote is for TORNAINBOWS!

Bases, raiding, c4, solo-team, bases, raiding, c4, solo-team…

We have not spent enough time farming for our bases, and c4, lets make it even more longer and boring. It is just a fancy decay 2.0.

Umm what about if I shoot rocket launchers with the right payload that can cause tornado’s!

Lol and this is why game developers shouldn’t listen too much to players. No offense of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: