recently, i started working on a game mode - so after writing about 350 lines, i tried to run it on gmod, and the error thats coming up is that gmod couldn’t load “cl_init.lua” and thus can’t run the game mode.
Obviously, cl_init exists in the same folder as init.lua (name/gamemode/init.lua)
Any ideas?

(line of code: AddCSLuaFile(“cl_init.lua”) )

Could you post 20 lines before (if they exist) and 20 after that AddCSLuaFile statement? You can censor stuff out of you want, just make sure to keep your syntax. It’s a weird error.

The only thing I can think of is some software error created by your editor. e.g. When I create a new lua file with NPP and try to run it in Garry’s Mod it fails.

Nvm - the problem was a space in the name of the gamemode - forgot i cant do that…
Anyway - now it happens with another file, cl_hud
file that errors content:
“include(“cl_hud”)” - thats it. Didn’t work on it yet…

Needs to be “cl_hud.lua”

… I hate myself… Works xD