Currently i am getting the following error while attempting to fix a flamethrower addon from gmod 12:

Error creating 'sent_tf2_ft_proj' (Make sure the file is AddCSLuaFile'd and there aren't any errors!)

What does this mean, and how do i fix this?





You can actually make the sent in one file instead of three files. Make one .lua file with the name of your sent and just add a if (CLIENT) or if (SERVER) checks wherever needed.

After this add this line to the top of your entity


alright, thanks for telling me that.

Is there a way i can change the position of the model in the view of the player? ive been trying to get the tf2 model to show up, but only the weapon’s world model works in first person, but it positions itself infront of the player’s view. Can i move it to the right corner with a script?

It’s rather tricky, but here you go: **[SWEP.GetViewModelPosition](**

@Edit: I just realised it won’t let me add links to the old wiki, so google it instead or search on the new one X)

Because the page wasn’t very helpful, i got out the swep construction kit, and positioned my model. Afterwords it gave me the following code:

SWEP.ViewModelFOV = 70
SWEP.ViewModelFlip = false
SWEP.ViewModel = "models/weapons/c_models/c_flamethrower/c_flamethrower.mdl"
SWEP.WorldModel	= "models/weapons/c_models/c_flamethrower/c_flamethrower.mdl"
SWEP.ShowViewModel = true
SWEP.ShowWorldModel = true
SWEP.ViewModelBoneMods = {
	["weapon_bone"] = { scale = Vector(1, 1, 1), pos = Vector(0.317, -17.143, -13.334), angle = Angle(-3.81, 0, 0) }

I pasted it in my lua file, then tested it,but the model stayed in the same spot. What is wrong?


bump. any help?