I have an addon with




I stuck AddCSLuaFile( “cl_chatbubble.lua” )

to chatbubble.lua

and yet it doesn’t work!


Well you answered your own question, the correct path is client/cl_chatbubble.lua

I know what I did wrong.

I forgot to make it lua/

There is no need to include lua in the path.

In the addon?

So I wouldn’t need lua/client/

and lua/server/


Either way script is too small in need of being an addon format

The format doesn’t really matter. Any folder where lua can be read from is considered a base folder and doesn’t have to be included in the path. In your case I’m guessing the script is in lua/autorun/, lua/ being the base.

Therefore your full path should be autorun/client/cl_chatbubble.lua

Ahh maybe. Well Thanks CQ. At least you are helping me. lol