Added Crystals to Spawning ( Rust Updates Twitter )

What are these crystals? And I assume these are gather-able nodes like rocks/trees.

EDIT: Are these just cosmetic/terrain or are these nodes lol.

Maybe they are just cosmetic for snow biomes.

Source the Rustafied blog 17th March

Oh my God! This is Tiberium Sun all over again!

It would be kind of neat if it turned out to eventually be salt. Use it to make Jerky and/or to obstruct someones vision. Also, literally put salt on opponents wounds.

There are mods that let you spawn them. They used to give out large amounts of ores. Just lately they dont give out anything.

For the moment they’ll only generate the same as rocks, which are ores. But later on, once they have found a new resource (or when they want to implement it). They are going to let the crystal be a new income of resource, different from the stones, sulfur & metal ores we have already.

sharpened crystal tools. :pwn:

Maybe you place them down somewhere and attract hippies

Power crystals. With different colors. That give you buffs and make combat on timeless isle easier?

I think the Crystals used to be on one of the old Start screens. Looked online briefly but didn’t see it anywhere. Anyway, it was a big blue crystal sticking up out of the snow. Looked pretty cool.


Edit: better image