Added Physical Properties

Ever get tired of the same few choices in your physical properties tool? Place this folder in your garrysmod/garrysmod folder and overwrite the old one. This one adds several new properties like:

#Jeep Tire”




#Combine Metal”

#Metal Slipper”


#Rubber Tire”



Am I missing something here? I only see a list of properties…

There’s a garrysmod download link above everything.
Might take a sec to display.

EDIT: seems to appear/dissappear randomly, try clicking the post link in the top right.
As if garrysmod’s site is having issues.

Can you please post a normal link, Or upload it somewhere else? The link doesn’t seem to work. Otherwise, This sounds useful! Also, Can you make this an addon? Most of us don’t like overwriting things. (For obvious purposes.)

I’d love to. But no idea how…


To make it an addon, get all the files in their folders together and add an “info.txt” with them in their folder. Look at existing addon “info.txt” files to see how they’re done.

Awesome, haven’t tried it out yet though. No gmod on this computer.

It seems usefull

Just wondering would this be client-side? surely the server wouldn’t need this installed to see a list of properties that the game has hard coded anyway.

Yes, it’s clientside.

Excuse me if I bump this, but this is relevent to my interests, could someone that has it upload it again. I’m desperate to get the jeep tire physical properties.

If anyone asks, this is serverside. It adds new items to the physical properties list, which means it’s serverside.

That’s good.

File is down, any chance for an reup pls?

Or can someone tell me how to make new properties at my own?